Thursday, June 19, 2003

That's Entertainment

I've enjoyed watching movies since I was a child and for many reasons. I think the most important reason at the time was as an escape. I didn't like where I was or what I was surrounded by, I always hoped to be somewhere else and the movies could transport me there by the flip of a switch. I could be surrounded by beautiful scenery and people who were interesting, loving and laughing. Today I still enjoy watching movies... for the pure entertainment they provide. Some movies are simply silly and mindless. Others can yank so hard on your heartstrings that you end up wallowing in pillows on the floor crying. Some can just make ya feel good while thinking about a message or two conveyed through the plot and its characters. I have a childlike wonder when it comes to movies... in fact, I can watch a movie twice without remembering it the first time, so it's a new movie to me. That comes in handy when I can't find anything "new" to rent from Netflix or Blockbuster. I still have my tried and true favorites: To Kill A Mockingbird, Pay It Forward, You've Got Mail (and the many other Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks flicks), Amelie, Bridget Jones' Diary, etc. I recently watched Dancer in the Dark, starring Bjork. Could they have actually enjoyed making that film?!?! OMG... that was painful! Well done but painful. Do they make heart-sized Band-Aids?


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