Monday, June 16, 2003


The text below was how this started. Miss M Turner started this site for me as an act of encouragement and to fuel a fire under my arse. I'd mailed her a little package through PostcardX! telling her that I was envious of her webpage and that I let my internal editor prevent me from attempting to learn how to maintain my own site. She gave me the shove I needed by starting this blog for me and I appreciate that and her SO much! All this kindness from a stranger... a mere someone I know from her website and the occasional piece of mail. Her kindness is evident and my thanks are enormous.

test. 1,2,3... here is where you'd talk all about you. talk talk talk.

*I am: a geek for mail. a bookcrosser. a nervousness person. a 1000 journals journaler. a geocacher. a mother to three cats.

*I consider: post offices my own personal mecca and cleaning bathrooms enjoyable.

*I enjoy: making my own mail thing (mail art, water color, rubberstamping) but also enjoy buying cards and stationary that catch my eye.

*I like: motorcycles, cats, travel, reading, writing, independent film, music, small towns, quiet places, handmade items, items from nature, positive memories, personal achievements, sights and scents that make a person smile.


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