Thursday, October 21, 2004

Jules' Journals

Over the years, I've attempted journalling without any success. Thanks to the 1000Journals effort, I've decided to delegate the responsibility of writing, doodling, drawing, and ranting to others around the world. In March 2003, I released three journals into the world through Nervousness. At the time, members were actively trading, sharing, and contributing to the world of mail art so I figured that would be the best place to start this project. I could track where the journals were due to the sign up list on the "object" and I'd still have control. (Yes, I admit to having some control issues.) As time progressed, people began lacking in their responsibility to the project. I had to practice my ability to communicate kind and polite reminders of the importance of this project and their role in its completion. In time, all three journals amazingly stopped at the same person and with some prodding, this person returned the journals to me this week. (THANK YOU!) I perused the journals, smiled at some writings, dropped my jaw at some artwork, laughed at commentary and felt gratitude towards those who took the time to share a part of who they are with me and the others who will experience the journals once they set them free. As of today, they are flying to new contributors in California, Texas and Finland. The journals are named Ruby, Onyx and Golden due to their colored cloth covers. (brilliant, eh??) Below are some pages from the Ruby Journal which show the variety of its contents.

If you're interested in contributing to any or all of the journals, please email me and I'll be happy to include you!


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