Saturday, December 13, 2003


It dawned on me tonight that I know people who say they don't have a birthmark. Is that possible? Can that really be true? Were they born? I, on the other hand, have more than one, so does that mean I've been born several times? Am I a recycling center for souls some how? No wonder I'm such a restless spirit... all these souls in me trying to go this way, trying to do this when another wants to do that. Perhaps that's why there are always these internal conversations taking place in my head. But I digress. Birthmarks. I'm happy to report that one of my birthmarks is identical to my mother's birthmark. She and I have duplicate marks on our right hip, same place, same size, same coloring. Pretty freaky, huh? My nieces have a unique story about a birthmark as well. Amanda and Ariel are identical twins and one was born with the footprint of the other marked on her back. When they were born, the mark was the size of the baby foot and as they've aged and grown, so has the footprint. Sounds like someone was being a little stubborn on the birthing gig or the other was just in a hurry to get a move on!


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