Saturday, December 06, 2003

Green Thumb Therapy

Sometimes, I forget how much I love the smell of soil and feeling it trickle between my fingers as I break up its clumps. A few days ago I purchased plants for the front door steps in an attempt to feel holidayish. I bought two aromatic rosemary bushes, four snow white petunias, and two vibrant red poinsettias. My original thought was to keep the rosemary in the house to fill the air with its wonderful fresh scent, but the only time I could smell the shrubs was when I actually brushed my fingers across its piney needles. So to the doorstep they went today. It's astonishing what colorful plant life can do to a front door and to the soul while repotting them.

According to Webster's Dictionary: poinsettias are a Mexican and Central American plant of the spurge family, with yellow flowers surrounded by tapering red leaves resembling petals. What the heck is the spurge family, you ask? Plants, usually with milky juice and diclinous flowers, including the poinsettia, cassava, rubber tree, etc.


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