Sunday, April 04, 2004

Kindness of Strangers

I had the opportunity to be kind today. I suppose I have the opportunity every day but don't always make the effort, but today, I did.

I drove to lunch today and parked next to a gorgeous '71 FLH. The rider sat at the bar and had there been room, I'd have plopped in next to him to be social but that wasn't the case so I took a table. I couldn't help but notice as I was finishing my lunch that the guy couldn't get his bike started. He had a restaurant employee give the bike a shove but it just wouldn't turn over. I paid my bill and went outside just as the rider was finishing a phone call. I complimented his bike (did I mention it was gorgeous?) and asked if he needed a lift somewhere. He paused and said he thought someone could come help him out, I said no problem and told him that I had an '01 FLHT. He smiled and said this bike (his GORGEOUS FLH) was its granddaddy. He then asked me which way I was headed, "no direction," I said, and extended the offer once again for a ride. He accepted, gave me his name and thanked me for the assistance. The bike had a new battery in it and he said he just knew he needed to charge it longer than he did but he was hungry and the day was calling him to ride. "I completely understand" I said and I complimented his bike yet again.

It wasn't until I told him "you're very welcome" and I drove away that it hit me, maybe that kindness was a payback for a kindness he'd given someone else down the line or perhaps it'll be one in the bank for me if the time should ever come when I need a helping hand. Ya just never know. Calvin was a nice stranger and I'm truly glad I could offer him a hand.


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