Thursday, November 11, 2004

Webless Wednesday

I've accepted a new self-induced goal. (I make it sound like an injury of sorts, but it really isn't.) I've decided to make Wednesdays WEBLESS, meaning NO internet access. Why? Am I THAT addicted? No, not really, but I do realize that a lot of time is wasted while online, time that truly needs to be devoted to things that are more important or time sensitive.

Yesterday was the kick-off and it went very well. I managed to get a lot of housework done and I made a big dent on an artsy/craftsy project that will need mailing out to a few friends and my dad in time for Thanksgiving. It felt good to end the day knowing I'd made some headway in my effort to end laziness and tend to tasks that I'd been putting off. In a word, procrastinating.

I will admit to cutting into the 24-hour goal 10 minutes early. *I actually started writing out excuses and decided to delete. I don't owe anyone an explanation! :) I'm pleased with my achievements of yesterday and so I'll leave it at that.*


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