Thursday, June 26, 2003

Clear and Present Danger

I copied this from IA's site Patent Pending. I haven't told him that I have, but I will. This is a great little tale that deserves sharing:

    I was in the South Bronx over the weekend helping my brother move. At one point, my father and I were standing on a corner of 191st street waiting for my brother when 3 large gentlemen stopped their BMW across the street and got out.

    Music was blaring. The windows were tinted. The rims were gleaming. They all had huge rasta braids and sunglasses despite the rain. They opened the trunk and took out 2 huge black garbage bags that looked pretty heavy and left them on the curb. As they started walking back to the car, My father started walking towards them.

    He said, "Excuse me gentlemen, but you seem to have forgotten your bags. I wouldn't want you to leave them behind."

    I thought to myself, "We are going to die."

    The three men looked at each other, said a few unintelligible words, WENT BACK, picked up the bags, put them back in the trunk, and drove off.

    I couldn't believe it. My dad said to me "Well, you're not supposed to just leave bags in random areas. Perhaps those fellows were new to this country and unfamiliar with our sanitation policies."

    My dad is so cool.


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