Monday, December 27, 2004

Snow Envy

Watching the news over the last few days has been heartwrenching for me. I love snow and I rarely see any considering I live in Flori-duh. In fact, I've never seen snow here, shocker, huh?? I'm getting through this heartache of mine so don't y'all worry. *whimper*

One thing that I enjoy, in addition to snow, is to encourage friends to do things that they've never done or rarely do. I asked a friend to take a few minutes to enjoy the snow yesterday by making a snow angel and by golly--he did it AND sent a pic as proof!

Thanks and I hope it was as fun to make as it is for me to see!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi! i'm from malaysia and this is my first year in the US..Texas, to be exact. We had like 5 inches of snow the other day..not much, but i made snow angels too ( even though it's not as nice as yours ) and i did a gif of me making a snow angel..come look! :)


December 27, 2004 9:55 PM  

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