Thursday, April 06, 2006

How To Get Lost While Never Moving

It is often that I go link-clickin'-crazy when I'm on the 'net, which means I lose a lot of time that could otherwise be spent doing things that really deserve attention. (that's a polite way of saying I'm lazing and I waste a lot of time online) Through all that clicking, I can typically end up somewhere that leaves me singing Once in a Lifetime.

It happens when I'm in a conversation, too. I'll end up telling someone that Owney is stuffed, then I'll have to retrace the convo's steps to figure out exactly how I went from the subject of football to a stuffed dog in my favorite museum. (did you notice that April is National Card and Letter Writing Month?? Get busy!)

Anyway, it happened online earlier today. I was perusing some of my favorite online destinations and started following a thread of links. Want to know how I went from a farm in Missouri to a guy I went to high school with? Grab your compass, follow me, we're going hiking...

  • Path to Freedom's journal. An inspiration to me and many others.
  • Rurality. I'd never have thought Northern AL could be so beautiful.
  • Farmgirl Fare. I was saddened to learn about the passing of Lucky 13.
  • The Full Life lives in...
  • New Albany, IN... My hometown.
  • The house that Robert Beury called home while we were in junior high and high school.

ps... somewhere along the way, I learned about a chicken that led a family from The Sugar Creek Farm to Hollywood. I need some lemonade and a sit in the shade now...


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