Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The New URL

My new site's URL is

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back to Mac

Oh Oh Oh! It looks like the iWeb gig is working--for now! I'm still tentative so I won't suggest changing your link just yet.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Stay Tuned

Oh bother. Looks like I'll be hangin' around here a while longer! I just don't want to make the time to learn the iWeb stuff, I guess. It all seemed to be TOO easy then it wasn't, so what the hey... I'll just stay here for a spell. :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm Relocating

It's time to get busy with my Mac. So, I'm working on a new site here. Change your bookmarks, bloglines, blogrolls, post-it notes, and scribbles in crayon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Miscellaneous Ten

1. I am an only child but I was born with three sisters and two brothers. You figure it out.
2. I can knot a cherry stem in my mouth. My husband of 17 yrs. just learned and witnessed this for the 1st time last night.
3. I refuse to do business with Exxon, Wal-Mart or Sam's.
4. I have never had a broken bone.
5. I have never had to wear braces although I really wanted to as a child.
6. I wanted to wear braces so badly as a child that I'd put aluminum foil on my teeth.
7. The thought of wearing aluminum foil on my teeth today makes my teeth hurt.
8. I enjoy shooting a handgun and I'm good at it.
9. I also enjoy shooting an arrow with a bow and I'm good at it.
10. I guess I'm good at shooting an arrow with a bow. I haven't actually done it since I was in junior high school.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Be Real

None of Nature's landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild.
-John Muir

Thanks to Jodi for reminding me of this site and the importance of judging what is real.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

RAK for a Scrapbooker

I received a complimentary copy of this magazine and really have no need for it. No babies around here, ya know. I'd like a mommy to have it though! The first to comment will get it... just email your mailing address to me!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Cathy Z. posted this You Tuber and I was near tears by the time the video ended. It came at a good time as I try to learn how to hug, step back and let people, well, my niece, live her life as she wishes. I hugged her when I left IN in August fearing for her and her newborn daughter. Without sounding too judgmental, suffice it to say that her decision-making is completely based on a fight or flight basis. Sadly, her well-being and the well-being of her child are at risk. The maternal instincts I try to suffocate have reared their head and my heart is bruised.

The reminder of a wonderfully warm hug helps make things feel just a bit better.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Li'l Lucky With Li'l Davis

Last month, I spent a lot of time reading blogs associated with scrapbooking. I read manufacturer's websites, clicked through galleries of page submissions, researched online kit companies, you name it! I scoured the web! September was a lucky month for me thanks to taking the time to read so many sites. It was my great fortune to spend time on the Li'l Davis Designs site because I entered a random drawing and was chosen a winner. I was a HUGE winner! Just look at the loot they sent me! WOW!! I already like their stuff and have plenty on hand but this bounty pushed me over the edge! How very lucky I was to be drawn and I look forward to putting these treasures to good use! Thanks again to the little li'l Davis who happened to draw my name.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


At first, I thought it was just behavioral. Zoe is very much MY cat, she's my shadow. When I flew to IN in late August, it was no surprise to learn that she'd gone into her depression mode. When the mama ain't home, there ain't no reason to get up. In addition to being a slug, she started making the living room her litter box, which is a huge no-no. When I got home, the behavior hadn't improved. It wasn't a daily mishap, but it would happen once or twice a week and that was clearly, once or twice a week too much.

I then realized I'd seen this behavior before when my twenty-two year old cat, Kitty *RIP*, was going into kidney failure. Zoe is eleven which makes her a mature cat for sure. I felt the fear creeping in... the reality of age on a cat and how the body is impacted by those years. I wasn't ready to let her go and because of that, I've postponed taking her to the vet. After another "accident" last week, I knew that it was the final straw and I couldn't postpone any longer. So, on Friday I took her to see her vet, who is married to my GP, so we're keeping it all in the family. Zoe was sweet as could be, purring for the vet tech and never once showing a claw. They ran an urinalysis on her and I was very happy to see that the results were all within the normal range. Some were high within the normal range, but nothing alarming. There was no need to say my farewells and I was relieved by that.

She is, however, in quarantine. For the next 10 days, she is sequestered in my bedroom with her own food, drink and litter box, which is in the bathroom. This isolation is to retrain her to use the litter box and give me a chance to monitor her food and water intake. We use a trough system here, so the girls (I have three indoor cats) are free to eat and drink when they like. In addition to her own private suite, she must take an antibiotic twice a day. I sneak that snack in little blobs of canned cat food, or "meaty treaties" as they're called here at the Kitty Casa.

The queen treatment seems to be suiting her well. She's a little lethargic but then again, she's never been little miss active. I don't mind having to spend time with her in my room. It gives me a chance to read and write and relax to the wonderful sound of her purring.