Sunday, June 29, 2003

Planus Interuptus

It's been years since my dear has been to Ward to visit my dad and my extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins. The plan was to ride motorbikes for the 4th of July weekend since an uncle is having a cookout and all are invited to partake. Because we're running behind on IBR (Iron Butt Rally) preparations and my dear has to travel soon, the plan has been interupted. The new agenda is for me to drive over for the weekend and my dear will stay with Thor to make the mods for the fuel cell and electronics. If my visits with Papa were more often, I could skip the weekend to stay home, but that isn't the case. Seeing my dad is a priority in my life and since my dear is able to help with Thor, then it all works out for the best.

*photo removed due to space** This is Ward's Home Store... or what's left of it. My Mammaw's house was located to the left rear of this store, just the right running distance from the back porch. As a child, it was tradition to run from Mammaw and Pappaw's to the store to buy candy. I was surely out of breath by the time I made it to Bob Ward but he could tell what I wanted by the finger pointin' and gasping request for Super Bubble Bubble Gum and peanut brittle. I enjoyed sharing the peanut brittle with Pappaw while we rocked in chairs on the back porch. There wasn't much to do in Ward and there's even less to do today since the railroad tracks have been pulled up. Counting rail cars was a great way to pass the time those days.