Sunday, September 21, 2003

Off With His Head

There's a British pub located in St. Augustine called The King's Head British Pub that I recommend to anyone in the northeast Florida area. It's great for food and atmosphere...

For years I've been wanting to go so I couldn't pass by last night's dinner invite by a friend who rides a Triumph, of course. (Although he rode a beemer last night!) I was impressed with the place as soon as we approached the pub. The pub's exterior is wrapped in ivy vines and a warm glow illuminated from its shuttered windows. Upon opening the door I felt like I was walking into a cozy tavern located in the British countryside. Laughter and music poured through the doorway and we managed to get one of the two available tables. This was obviously a popular destination for Saturday night diners and pub crawlers. My friend is a regular there so he greeted the British and Irish waitresses by name as we settled into a wooden booth located near the dart boards. The interior was decorated with a multitude of British memorabilia including photographs, postcards, swords, hats and a full knight's coat of armor standing guard along one wall. The ceiling's dark wooden rafters were low and the pub's bar was active with conversation by pint-drinking guests.

My friend had the Banger and Mash while I had Fish and Chips... both meals were very good and prices average for such fare. I really look forward to returning for another trip across the pond.


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