Friday, September 19, 2003

Shitty Morning

No kidding. I found cat remains in my bed this morning! How TOTALLY gross is that? I'll be smelling cat shit all day now! The bad thing about it is I don't know which of the three deviants made the disposal. They're grounded now due to bad behavior yesterday. I'd gone out for 2.5 hours to run errands and go to the gym. I left the windows open to let Isabel's breezes blow through the house and usually, that's no issue. Yesterday, it was. When I came home, Omega met me at the door with tailifia puffamonstrous and she was growling. Her behavior told me she was rattin' out one of her sisters but I wasn't sure why or which one. Finally, I found the screen in the living room window was popped open, hence there'd been a jail break and all hissing was directed at Cleo, aha! the criminal revealed! Cleo is a savant so it's no wonder she had the screen open. She's smart enough that she could have just unlocked the door and walked out but sometimes the absence of an opposable thumb creates interference.


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