Thursday, November 06, 2003

You've Got a Friendster

Upon invitation by Leah, I joined Friendster. There's really nothing to do by being a friendster, which made joining a no-brainer. But since I've joined, I find myself snooping around the site at least daily. I get enjoyment out of reading the profile information people, a.k.a. friendsters, post. I noticed there are a lot of friendsters who are into reading and traveling. We'd make great friendsters since I am into reading and traveling.

What is the purpose of this site? Basically to open doors for people to meet, make friends and have connections around the world. (Sometimes, I like it when the world gets small.) I have one friend on the site and that is Leah, but through her, I have an entire network of friendsters... 63 as of today. It's kinda cool to see how I'm linked to these other people. For example, I'm linked to Leah who is linked to Marco who is linked to blah blah blah. There are degrees of separation like the Kevin Bacon game.

I wonder if I'll ever be connected to Kevin Bacon.


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