Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Heavenly CrossDressing

My sister's and brother's father died last week. Mr. Bradshaw had been ill for a while but that never makes the end easy for anyone. I'll always remember him as a kind man and handsome. My late brother, Jaimie, resembled his father and I was always proud to show my brother off as I thought he was quite the looker.

I called my sister tonight to see how her trip from Indiana to North Carolina went since that's where Mr. Bradshaw was laid to rest. Leave it to us to have a conversation about a funeral and end up laughing with tears in our eyes.

Gina told me that for reasons unbeknownst to her, Betty, the widower, had Mr. Bradshaw laid to rest in a red dress with black ruffles. Not what you'd expect for a man who was decorated with military honors while in the 82nd Airborne. My sister and I were already imagining her dad in heaven, yakkin' it up with our mom and brother and making new friends with all the cross-dressers. The Army guys weren't too friendly to him, however.

RIP Mr. Bradshaw. You can pay Betty back when she crosses over.


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