Saturday, January 17, 2004

What Do You See?

What do you see as you move throughout your day? Can you tell me? Have you taken time to notice? There are moments, hours, days when I can't tell you what I see. I just move through -- oblivious to my surroundings. Recently, I noticed that I was taking notice without even trying. Something subliminal was telling me to look, view, see, observe, ingest, absorb. When I took notice, my memory drifted back to a journalism course I took in my college days. My prof gave us the assignment of asking questions about things we see while we're outside of the classroom. We had to return to class with a list of observances. We had to identify what we saw and list a couple of questions about those things. I remember asking about the white crosses at the side of the road. Who places them? Why place a distraction at the side of the road that could facilitate yet another vehicular accident?

The things I recently noticed within a five-mile drive were:

*A mom waiting in her vehicle at a bus stop near the end of the school day. She was reading a book I recently purchased, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I recognized the cover that was nearly pressed in her driver's side window. This isn't a book that would typically make my bookshelf but I decided to read a little while browsing in a bookstore and it really appealed to me.

*A half-filled gallon of milk sitting in a field. This plastic jug has been sitting there for weeks? Months? I'd noticed it before but really took notice because it is still there. Is it someone's science experiment? How long was it there before I initially noticed and has someone been mowing around it? Should I take a picture? If I approach it, will it stink like curdled milk?

*There are still homes with holiday lights lit. Why? Are they forgetful? Are they lazy? Are they waiting to celebrate the holiday with someone who wasn't home for the occasion? Do they really think white lights drooping off of the gutter look like snow? Do they have children or are they adults who really enjoy the shiny bright lights?

*A van had broken down in a lane I was in so like everyone else in front of me, I went around the vehicle and went about my way. No more than five minutes later, I passed the broken down van as I was going the opposite direction. This time, two men had pulled off to the shoulder and were helping the driver move his van off the road by pushing from behind. That sight brought tears to my eyes for some reason. I appreciated that those people were kind enough to help that man who was in a bad position. Traffic was backed up and he was in a stressful situation. Those men were very kind and I hope that someone helps them at a time when they need because they are due a karmic kind act.

What do you see? Practice looking around when you can do so safely. Sit in a window seat the next time you eat out. Watch people as they exit their vehicles or as they enter the restaurant or cafe. Are they smiling? Are they holding the hand of another? When you're at a stop light, is the person behind you singing? Are they having a conversation with a child in the backseat? What do you see? Look.


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