Friday, January 07, 2005

I Know This Horse Has Been Beat...

... but it really pisses me off that people were so flippin' proud of themselves for registering to vote for the November election. They should be apologizing for their apathy. It took an attack on this country and a heavy slant from the left in the media to encourage them to activate their priviledge to cast a ballot. That's a shame and they should be embarassed for not utilizing one of the freedoms that so many do not have.

Political ranting isn't something I'll write about often but it's an opinion I wanted to share. This post is not about the left or the right, Republicans ors Democrats. It's the fact that 50% of eligible voters had not been voting. I do appreciate that celebrities were able to energize the people but I wish they'd encouraged their subjects to obtain their education from sources other than The Daily Show and Fahrenheit 9/11.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m proud of the fact that Minnesota regularly leads the nation in eligible voter turnout, consistently in the 70% plus range year in & year out. This year’s November voter turnout was 77%.


January 12, 2005 9:43 PM  

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