Friday, March 18, 2005

I Feel Like Snot

That's not a pretty description but my reality isn't pretty right now. I just woke up from sleeping 12 hours and it wasn't nearly enough. Somewhere between San Diego and Jacksonville a collision of germs occurred in my body and now I've got the west-coast-meets-the-east-coast-battle-of-the-bug. Oh how I hate germs in the first place! Clearly, I didn't use enough wet wipes on my trip to So. Cal. I'd sigh right now but I'd end up coughing or blowing my nose and possibly crying so I won't even bother. Since I feel like a Mack truck mistook me for a speed bump, my latest news will be postponed a few more days. Gifts of Posh Puffs and chocolate covered cherries are always welcome in the meantime.


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