Monday, May 08, 2006

Please Don't Cry

Of all the things that can bring tears to my eyes, listening to my cats cry/howl/scream for the mercy of veterinarian science is high on the list. I had to take Zoe to the vet this morning due to her weepy, goopy, massive eye-boogeries. One of her eyes was a little weepy here and there and then BAM! both of them started producing maximum goop late last week. My attentive wiping and head rubbing didn't cure what ailed her so a visit to the vet was in order.
Trying to coax a cat into a carrier is like trying to get me to say "no" to ice cream. It is impossible. Somehow, without the use of ropes and chains, Zoe relaxed and let me shove her into the carrier so we could make it to her appointment on time. As always, she was making the 10-minute drive a living hell but I held my ground and didn't cry. To hear my girls meow with their pitiful cries is absolutely heart-wrenching. So there I am, driving the speed limit, like that's going to ease her discomfort. Telling her, "It's going to be O-Tay pretty girl," didn't put an end to wailing, either. There's just no way to comfort a cat who remembers the carrier. They know the last time they traveled in it, bad things happened. Going to the vet is never just a friendly social call where treats are given. Never.

The three mile drive felt like thirty but we made it to the appointment on time. Zoe was as reluctant to come out of the carrier as she was to go in. She wasn't home and she knew it. I think the smells of Clorox and other cats that suffered before her were the telltale signs. My mistake was telling her that they're going to weigh her when she comes out. No female wants to hear that. She wasn't particularly fond of the thermometer up the pooper but I knew better than to tell her that was going to happen. She just had to find out on her own. Bad mom, I am.

After answering the 16-point inspection questions asked by the vet, it was determined that Zoe is dealing with an allergy of some sort. They drew blood to run tests just to rule out anything that might not be evident and that was fine by me. She is 11 years old and a thorough checkup is always a good idea at her age. For now, she will be treated with an antibiotic to help eliminate the weeping and to curb any infection that may be an underlying cause. Oh joy. Have you ever had to give a cat a pill? It ranks right up there with ramming your toe into a furniture leg. The good news is, Zoe's pills can be smashed and given to her in food so the big girl will be getting special treatment for the next two weeks, twice a day, in fact. Oh the other two will be SO jealous! They never got treated so well after having to endure the carrier.


Blogger meresy_g said...

Good luck with the meds crushed up in the food. My cats could always smell it a mile away and refuse to eat. I usually ended up having to cat-wrestle on the kitchen floor to try and get the pill down the throat, only to hear the sound of a pill hitting the wood floors in the dining room 10 minutes later. And then repeat the wrestling with a now soggy pill. Have fun!

May 09, 2006 12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aawwww! I got that pit-of-the-stomach feeling just reading it. I know exactly the wrenching wailing you're talking about it and it has the very same effect on me. Oreo's first few months were so touch and go I thought it might be me we'd need to put down when it was all over.

May 09, 2006 5:28 PM  
Blogger Juli said...

Zoe is doing a good job of eating the hidden pill powder, thank goodness. The vet called regarding Zoe's bloodwork.. it came back with an A-OK, so that's great news.

May 09, 2006 6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, ya gotta watch those cats that LIKE the car. I picked up my Shiva as a stray in New Mexico... awfully sweet cat, homeless, hungry... I thought maybe if she didn't mind the car I'd take her back to Kansas. She was cool as a cucumber in the car, NO problems on a 700 mile trip. Then she got sorta crabby and cranky, and I found out she was pregnant...later had 5 kittens. Sneaky little bitch.

May 09, 2006 9:45 PM  

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