Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Christmas in July

Today is July 1st and I was opening packages as though it was Christmas morning. Three boxes were delivered by UPS and I wasted no time before tearing into them. Two of the boxes were from Motonation and one from Crutchfield and all are motorcycle related. No big surprise there. For those of you who read my blog and aren't into motorcycling, hang in there. Most of the discussion in my life these days revolves around Thor and the IBR. I think I'll go ahead and make a blog that is m/c specific.... or perhaps for the IBR only. Motorcycling is the dominant interest currently, but this too shall pass. Like most people, I have several interests, hobbies, things that help keep me sane. I can't imagine never having a project or passion to keep me active. Even if it is watching movies continuously for a weekend, I'm active. I'm absorbed by what I'm doing and I'm ok with that.

Ok... now let's back up to a couple of those links up there. Did you check them out? I'm a geek when it comes to researching things, so goin' Googlin' is a great way to exercise brain cells while killing precious time. I found a couple of the links above to relate to some of my other interests: travel and all things postal. The UPS link made me think back to the trip I took out there in '95 as a graduation gift to myself. I was on the 11-year plan when it came to completing my degree so it was only right to treat myself to a wonderful vacation to congratulate myself for my hard work. The Pacific northwest was my destination and what a fantastic destination it was! My 10 days in Washington were wonderful and I'll have to post on that soon. Maybe I'll rummage up a few pics to share as well. Just think... today in 1847 the first postage stamp was issued in the United States. That also make me think of travels and the time I went to the National Postal Museum... or Heaven On Earth as I like to call it. If I wasn't so eager to vacuum right now, I'd ramble on about these two excursions but it'll have to wait til another time.


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