Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Support When Ya Need It

Bras. I hate 'em, but I gotta wear 'em. When I got home last night, a mail order from Title 9 Sports was waiting for me. One thing I had to think about for the IBR was undergarments. Sitting on the bike for 15, 20 hours a day means I need to think about comfort. As much as I'd like to go without while riding, that's really not an option, so I had to shop for "foundations" that would lend support when and where I need it while feeling comfortable for long wearings. I knew I wanted CoolMax due to the extreme heat I'll be enduring. Somehow, while cruisin' the information super highway, I stumbled upon Title 9 and was delighted to find sport bras that would meet my needs. The bra I selected has passed the test ride. Thanks T9.


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