Wednesday, July 16, 2003

%$#@! I Love Technology

I was foiled not once but TWICE today by technology. One part I can partially claim as user error, but not both.

My dependence on the internet became blindingly apparent today since I couldn't log on from home. When I fired up the main PC I heard our router thingy beep and should have known there was an issue immediately. We have two PCs and two laptops, fyi. Once the PC booted up, it didn't acknowledge the mouse or keyboard. %$#@!. I did the ordinary troubleshooting steps... checked the connection to the PC and rebooted. A dozen times. My efforts did not pay off and I was not able to make the router recognize the 2nd PC so I was SOL. I was going to fire up a laptop but didn't have the patience to deal with the network issue so I decided to commence with my errands and stop by the public library to get my fix.

I needed to work on some correspondence so I stopped by Starbucks for a snack and a frap. Caffeine in my mental state maybe wasn't a good idea as I look back, but I handled it well. ;)

Once I completed my three page letter to my dear penpal Leah in NC, I mosied over to the Mandarin branch of the Jacksonville Public Library. I was excited to see several available PCs so I wouldn't have to wait. There, things are going to be OK, I thought. As soon as I secured a machine, I was instantly disappointed to learn that they do not allow access to web-based email. %$#@! I use hotmail. I went ahead and hit a couple of sites that I check daily as well as my blog. I wrote a wonderful piece called POSTCARDS FROM THE PUBLIC LIBRARY but lost it. This, I will claim as my error. I'd opened a 2nd window to collect links for the blog and ended up losing the 1st window. The browser doesn't allow two windows at once. %$#@!

I finished my errands and came home to install my AOL disk on my laptop. I hate AOL the intrusive mess that it is, but I was planning on taking it on the road for the IBR so I'd have easy access to the 'net. Sick, I am. I'll use the free hours and remove it within my 45 days/1025 hours.

So, it was a technically challenging morning but I'm back online and am feeling my heartbeat mellow.


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