Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Random Acts of Observance

Lately, I've been feeling quite shallow. Not towards others, instead, it's more like I can't think deeply. I don't feel as though I can contribute to a conversation with any meaning... any depth. My observances have been shallow and so there's nothing feeding me. How does one flip the switch to take in more so that there's more to think about? I've been living, mentally speaking, in the mundane. Sometimes, I believe it is a good thing to let your mind rest a little. Don't tax the synapses. My mind is still active, however. It's just not crankin' out anything of interest, at least to me. There have been times in my past when I'm on observance-intake-overload. I've experienced, encountered, enjoyed, incorporated and witnessed people, surroundings, and events that have left an impression. Those were observances because something of meaning was instilled in my mind. I need to indulge in observing again. I'm hungry.


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