Monday, August 04, 2003

Birthday Break-up

While having lunch at the Pizza Palace in Mandarin today, I overheard a couple of the employees talking about the one guy's upcoming birthday (August 7) and how he plans on dumping his girlfriend after he gets his birthday present. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I heard this conversation as the one girl was basically directing the conversation towards me and another co-worker. The birthday boy said she'd been really mean to him recently and he'd had all he could take. The bad time went down something like this....

Boy and his girl were preparing to go out to dinner to meet some of the girl's extended family. Apparently these two live together by what I gathered from my nosey eavesdropping. While they were getting ready, the boy, whose arms are riddled with tats and his ears with jewelry, had put on a pair of khakis and a black shirt. He said he looked really decent but the girl thought otherwise. She took one look at him and said he looked "like trash." He was devastated by her comment and is so bitter over the whole issue and her meanness that he plans on breaking up with her on his birthday, once his gift is in hand. He said he didn't mean to sound shallow but he had a right to be hurt about it all and wasn't going to take it any more.

He was a cute kid and when I got a Coke refill before leaving I said, "Hey, sorry about your situation, but it's really pretty funny."
He smiled and told me that it was really sad. But yeah, it's funny.
I said that it was tragic humor and to have a great birthday.

Incidentally, he doesn't expect anything special for his birthday... maybe some shirts.


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