Sunday, August 03, 2003

Wonder Woman

As part of my IBR preparation, I've been letting correspondence people know that I won't be around for most of August. I don't want folks writing to me expecting a quick reply because that won't be happening. I'll be away from home for three weeks so there won't be mail flowin' from here like normal. The folks I know from PCX! have been so wonderful in their replies to why I'll be away. THE IBR. Many of these folks couldn't tell a Honda from a Harley but they're SO supportive of my endeavor that I still feel compelled to ramble on to them about the ride and the preparations. Over the last few days I've received several cards and letters of YOU GO GIRL and they've really meant a lot. These folks are basically strangers, folks I only know through correspondence. They're scattered all over... Washington, Canada, North Carolina... and yet they feel like close, endearing friends. One of them sent me a postcard of Wonder Woman, which I loved watching when I was a kid. On the card she wrote that I inspire her. I nearly cried, but I know Wonder Woman wouldn't cry in that situation, so I held back... but what a lovely sentiment! I'm flattered, but not deserving of such a compliment. If I were doing this ride for charity or if I'd overcome great odds to be on my bike and ready to ride, then I'd feel more deserving of such praise. I know that accepting a compliment takes strong self esteem and that is a weakness that I'm working on. I promptly sent her a note of thanks because it really meant a lot... still does. Now where's that golden lasso....


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