Saturday, November 08, 2003

Hold It!

While having lunch at Chick-fil-a yesterday, I couldn't help but notice the frequency of children running past my table to get to the restrooms. Every one of these kids were holding their parts. Does that really help when nature calls? I'm sure I did it when I was their age (maybe once) but I must say, I'm glad that is something we humans outgrow. Or do we? Does that help explain why men adjust themselves in plain view of other people? They just can't stop the grab? That adjustment is among my top pet peeves so seeing kids grab themselves struck a chord immediately. Yes, I can differentiate between children and men, but it made me think. (Uh huh, funny with the "is that smoke I'm smelling?" joke.) I've asked men-friends why they adjust themselves and I understand the WHY but WHY in front of others??! Not all men do it and I thank you who don't. To me, it's a matter of manners and that should have been taught when those young boys learned about washing their hands after taking a tinkle. It's very annoying to see men flicking and digging and whatever else they do to make matters right. I have one word for the package handlers: DISCRETION!


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