Saturday, November 08, 2003

Who Ya Callin' A Hog?

In the latest edition of HOG Tales, the magazine of the Harley Owners Group, they explained the history behind the hog moniker for Harleys. I am happy to have learned something today.

From HOG Tales:

According to Motor Company legend, the origins of the term "hog" are rooted in the 1920s. Racer Ray Weishaar adopted a small pig as his unofficial mascot, and his success (Ray's, not the pig's) inspired fans to start calling him and his team "hogs." The term caught on, and over time it bacame a nickname for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In 1983, when the Motor Company needed a name for its new owners group, the acronym "H.O.G.", for Harley Owners Group, became a natural choice.


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