Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Join Me

What a story. This guy places an ad in a London newspaper asking people to join him. All they have to do is mail a passport photo to him and they're in. In what? They don't know but he received THOUSANDS of photos! Now it's a collective, not a cult, as the Join Me founder states in his website and soon-to-be-released-in-American book. Check out his story, it's a great one to read! And Join Me, won't you?

I've been a practicing RAoK'er for several years. I've not done it regularly, as per a schedule, but I've been actively kind in a random way for a while. Giving is something that surprisingly comes naturally even though I admit, I love receiving. When Oprah *collective moan* started promoting Random Acts of Kindness years ago, I jumped on the bandwagon of thought. I saw her show *collective gasp* on the topic and it left a mark on my memory. She encouraged people to anonymously give to someone else... randomly choose someone and give to them a kindness. People paid tolls for the driver behind them in line, people took cold lemonade to construction workers, you get the idea.

Giving doesn't always mean costing. Have you noticed an elderly lady reaching beyond her grasp for a box or can on a grocery shelf? Did you push your cart on by or offer to make the reach for her? It's the simple things that can make a difficult task easier for someone else. Our capabilities are different from someone else's at times. Share your ability, share a kindness. Do it because it is a nice thing to do, don't be discouraged if you don't receive a thank you but glow when you receive a smile.

We live in a skeptical world and I myself can take the driver's seat in the skeptimobile. I've been reminded over the years that I don't receive kindnesses very well. Perhaps I'm stubborn *the crowd yells NO!*, untrusting or too darned independent to have someone do for me. Perhaps it is a mix. Perhaps I'm truly the Queen of the Skeptidom, but don't hold that against me. I try to receive kindnesses with a thank-you instead of an interrogation. I try... at least I try. I'm optimistic that the more I give, the better of a receiver I shall become.


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