Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lovin' Me Some Kitties

Yesterday I had to stop at the pet supply store to pick up, yes-you guessed it, some pet supplies. While there, I noticed there were three kitties available for adoption. A mom and her three kids were in there lovin' up some kitties and once they left, I kept the love a-comin'.

The first cat I saw was the biggest of the trio, which were all in separate cages. This cat was given up for adoption because its owner was moving and couldn't take the cat. It was an adult cat, a brown tabby, much like my Omega but with longer fur. It was curled up in a fluffy bed and had a melancholy about it... or maybe it was just tired of people coming in there and disturbing her. I'd like to think it was the latter and she just wanted some quality nap time.

The second cat was an itty bitty thing, with long and lanky legs. She had greenish eyes that were a color I've never seen in nature... they were stunning. I was mesmerized by them. She was very talkative, which I love in a cat. The description details on the cage label said she didn't like cats. Hmm. A little girl with a 'tude. She was extremely affectionate towards me, so hopefully she'll go to someone who loves receiving lovin' in return. I rubbed her jawline through the cage and she'd purr with a passion. On occasion she'd reach her paw through the cage, which seemed to rip at my heart. I didn't allow myself to feel sad, however. I thought with certainty that she'd have a loving person to have as her very own.

There was a black and white cat in the next cage, which are commonly referred to as tuxedo cats. Like the kitty next to it, she would reach her paw through the cage to touch my hand. She had a sweet temperment and a soothing purr, too. Her description said she was an active kitty and I would imagine she'd do well with kids. The little girl who was in the room before me sure took a liking to the "Sylvester cat", as she called it.

While sharin' some love with these girls, I thought of my own three girls at home. They were adopted kitties and have been a tremendous joy in my life. Zoe, Cleo and Omega are sisters from the same litter but you'd never know by looking at them. They are different in appearance and personality and each have their unique qualities that make each of them incredibly special. This is Zoe, my big gray snuggle bear. She can commonly be heard talking to me while I'm on the phone with someone, she has no manners when it comes to phone etiquitte.


Blogger zazzafooky said...

You take the best pictures. What a handsome guy too.

June 22, 2005 7:52 PM  
Blogger HermanTurnip said...

"Cats rule, dogs drool..." - A Wise Person

Cats are the best. My cat (Nemesis) is the coolest cat around. She loves to spoon with you on the couch as you stroke her belly. She likes to play fetch with scraps of rolled up paper (you throw it, she returns it with a *blech!* as she spits it out in front of you). She challenges you to chase her by walking sideways a bit towards you with tail in the air and hair up. When you catch her she then chases you down. Repeat as required. And yes, she's very talkative. She always has something to say. Every night she kneads the bed before you get in, then sleeps at your feet. She's like a dog, but only cleaner and smarter ;) The GF and I dig her...

June 24, 2005 4:22 AM  

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