Thursday, September 01, 2005

Staying Tuned

Like so many others, I am staying tuned to the national coverage of the tragedy that struck the Gulf coast. It's always been my practice to get my news from a variety of sources, perhaps that is from earning a degree in Communications and quickly learning about ratings and the spin factor. Besides that, I tire of talking heads.

At any rate, because I've yet to reach my father (who lives 120 miles north of Mobile), I've been reading media websites from his area. Yesterday I emailed WTOK, a Meridian, MS TV station, which is the station I watch when I visit Ward. I told them that I've not been able to reach my father or any extended family and would appreciate their coverage of western Alabama. It was a small relief to see two news stories from Sumter County reported today and to learn that relief efforts are taking place in that area. They reported 45% of the county is without power and it could be several days before power is restored. It was in the low 90s there today and the bulk of my family members are over 70 years old so their welfare is of great concern. Tonight I sent a second email thanking them for the coverage and promised to stay tuned.


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