Saturday, November 15, 2003

ma tête est un pamplemousse

Yes. My head is a grapefruit. I've really lost out on a great opportunity and it's all due to my inability to make a decision. How in the hell did I ever find my way back to Missoula on the Iron Butt Rally? I had lots of roads to choose from and obviously managed to choose a few that got me where I needed to be. But I digress. Back to my loss and my grapefruit head. For several months, the spousling has been telling me that his company plans on sending him to France (yeah, le BLAH!) for some training. We discussed it and decided it'd be pretty damn cool for me to go along. We found out a few weeks ago exactly when his travel is scheduled and decided that there was really no good reason for me not to go. That was until I tried wrapping my head around the issue. I should leave my head out of a lot of the things I do, I'd probably have an easier way of things. Anyway, we're looking at T-minus-14-days and I'm passportless which means no travel for moi. I could try to expedite but I'm not too sure that it'd be here in time and I'm not going to purchase an airline ticket based on a "maybe it'll get here by the time I need to fly." So, it's my loss at this point. I'm not all yippee-skippy on France, believe me, but I'd sure dig the museums, the sidewalk cafes, the architecture, the feeling of being in Europe. I can already imagine all the wonderful pictures I could have taken, the wines I could have tried, heck, they only charge $2.50 per glass. I'd gladly pay that than $4.00 for a soft drink. I really screwed the pooch but I may contact the passport agency first thing on Monday just to get them to tell me that is the case.

p.s. I didn't add those boring links to TRAVEL. Blogger did and I'm not too damn happy about it.


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