Monday, November 24, 2003

Sex & The City Invades My Dreams

Ok, I'll fess up, I reallllly like watching Sex & The City. I never thought I'd see myself type that, but it is true. My friend Leah referenced S&TC several times until I finally asked what it was all about. I'm not up on pop culture, I don't watch much tv and I don't have HBO which adds up to three strikes against this series but alas, there is Netflix and DVD rental to save the day! I decided that I couldn't form an opinion on the show or its performers without actually watching a few episodes, so I ordered a couple DVDs and gave it a go. That was nearly two months ago, today I find I'm in withdrawal because I've viewed seasons 1 through 4. I'm patiently (???) waiting for season 5 to hit DVD on December 30th and wish they'd hurry up and conclude season 6, the final season, and burn it to DVD NOW!

Acknowledgement is the first step towards recovery, right? I knew I had a problem when I woke up this morning from a dream I had about S&TC. I was living life with the girls... and we were full of remorse as the time came for us to say goodbye. Carrie was the weepiest... she couldn't talk to me without tears forming in her eyes. Miranda was her strong self yet her voice cracked several times as she promised we'd stay in touch. I don't recall Samantha or Charlotte being in the dream and that's probably because they are my least favorite out of the four. I'm surprised by that because I can relate to Sam in ways I won't admit on here.


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