Sunday, November 16, 2003


Last week I made the time to create a wish list on I've seen several people link to their lists from their blogs and other places and thought, "hey, that's one cool thing." I didn't necessarily set up a list as a true wish list for people to shop from, instead, it was created as a reminder list for me of the things/books that have caught my interest. When it comes to books, I have many yet want so many more. I go through phases where I buy books even though there is a constant stack of fifteen to-be-read on my nightstand. There are yet other stacks around the house that fall into the same category of TBR. Not all books that catch my eye are purchased, obviously, or there'd not be a wish list. What I often do is check the website to see if a book I'm particularly interested in is on someone's bookshelf and if it is, then I send the owner an inquiry on a trade. I love the barter system and love that it is alive and well through some of the websites I frequent. As far as my amazon wish list is concerned, I'm glad that I can access it at any time but I must admit, I wish others could view it. The website tells me it is publicly viewable within 3 to 5 business days so maybe I'm just not good at counting the days. I enjoy reading lists of others for some odd reason. It's voyeuristic in nature... seeing what is on someone's shopping list. It's also an exploratory tool to discovering what interests a person. I enjoy those kinds of trips.

DAMN Blogger for the boring links! Sorry for the dull distractions.


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