Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Faux Funeral

A friend of mine attended a funeral last week and said there was laughter shared among the attendees. He said the setting was comfortable and that laughter somehow seemed fitting considering the deceased had reached ninety years of age. I understood what he meant. This man's death was not a surprise and there was a myriad of memories to be shared among those present at his memorial. Who says a memorial has to be somber and stoic?

My friend said he wanted his funeral to be filled with laughter. I said I didn't want a funeral, I want a party.

Although I don't have a will or legal documentation stating how business should be conducted, I have thoughts on how I want the matters of my demise handled. Since many of my friends are motorcyclists, I'd like the gathering to be a RTE, a.k.a. Ride To Eat. I want a there to be food and friendship and music and laughter and memories of me at my best. My memory sucks so maybe I'll get to overhear what is said about me and I'll get to laugh, too.

I would like to be cremated and my ashes collected in several film canisters for my friends to take with them. At some point, when they find appropriate, I'd like each of them to spread my ashes somewhere that reminds them of me or a place that they think I'd appreciate. I want to always continue traveling in the wind...


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