Friday, February 04, 2005

Internal Critic Be Damned!

Sometimes I find myself dreadfully and painfully jealous of artists, well, writers and photographers, too. Oh, and graphic designers and interior decorators and hmm, lessee, who else? Children, yeah, them, too. All of these people have either never faced an internal critic *the bitch within, as I call her* or they have slayed her to free themselves to creativity.

Sometimes I find myself anxiously and eagerly awaiting quiet moments of mental peace when I can devote time to creative efforts. Most of the time I need a catalyst for action. A question will make me write. A friend's birthday will cause me to make a card. And sometimes, I need a bit more pressure so I'll sign up for an exchange through Feeling a little time constraint and knowing that someone, somewhere is expecting me to hold my weight is just the little nudge I need to sit down to play. Create.

Sometimes, like tonight, I made four ATCs (artist trading cards) to keep on hand for future exchanges. I've already sealed one in a handmade envelope to mail so it didn't make the scan-shoot. Below are the three that remain. What is not visible on the middle ATC are the words DO BE DO. No one said it any better than Frank.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jules - it's Sue V. I love reading your blog. The entry below is one of my favorites - I can so relate!
I would love to slay my "bitch within!" Looking forward to lunch sometime soon.

February 07, 2005 9:58 AM  

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