Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Little Miss Cattitude

My cats and I get along great and we share a lot in common. For instance, we all love to sleep. Here's Cleo after I woke her from a nap. Once again, something in common: bad attititude.

Cleo is one of three sisters in my house. I adopted the trio a few months after my 22-year-old Siamese died. It took me a while to get over her death, she had been a part of my life, my family, since Valentine's Day when I was seven years old. "The Girls" are each very different and special in their own ways. Cleo is often called "special"... sometimes referred to as "touched". She's a kooky kitty who enjoys showering with me and has a deep-seeded passion for plastic. She's a savant, perhaps. I believe she takes apart the electrical equipment in the house at night and puts them back together before I rise. She could operate the VCR unlike me but I've never held that against her. She has mesmerizing sky blue eyes and is truly one sweet sissy, as I often call her.


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