Thursday, September 14, 2006

No Need To Be Nervous

More mail love today... this time in trade. I keep a list of items I'd like to trade: crafty items like scrapbook papers and embellishments, maps for art journals or envelope making, beads for beading, etc. on Nervousness.

This nervousness person sent me a wonderful box of goodies! Some of the included items were: handmade soaps, vanilla scented candles, rub-on letters, blank colored envelopes, and an alphabet stencil. She was sweet and sent along a handmade lavender wand and the handmade paper box of beads was a fun surprise, too. I have her list of requested items which I'll gather and drop into the mail for her as my part of the exchange. It's like a bartering market but through the mail. I love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Juli, I thought I'd come see your blog since you have seen mine. The blog world is so funny because you literally have no idea who is reading your blog. I appreciate that you are willing to spend your time reading my sometimes pitiful attempts at writing. I love the life God has given me and I hope that joy comes out in some way on my blog.

Jodi (literary girl) and I have been friends for a quite a while. She and I, though love Jesus and our families, are different in just about every other way. Literally different in every opinion also. We often laugh as we come up with yet another opinion that differs. We are no longer surprised by it. Yet we remain friends and can love each other despite our differences.

My husband often jokes (but half serious) about wanting to get motorcycles for each of us when the kids are grown and tour around. He loves motorcycles.

After reading your last paragraph in the profile, I believe Sisters might be the place for you. (oregon) the mountians are breathtaking. Although I am not sure how fertile the soil it, being dessertish.
Blessings to you-

September 16, 2006 1:40 AM  

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